Lock Down Block

Hello world. I've just come back onto my site dashboard after an absence of a good few months, during which I have also essentially neglected my social accounts, not written anything creative and barely lifted a finger to promote my lovely books of which I am so fond. So heavily distracted have I been by … Continue reading Lock Down Block

Writer’s Blo(g)ck

Goodness, it's been a age since I've written a blog post on here! I'd love to say that that's because I've been beavering away on a new book - and I have - but alas, life-work-health-exercise-house-move-dog-walking-full-time-job-family have also gotten in the way of fully dedicating my time to this! I've also just recently discovered that … Continue reading Writer’s Blo(g)ck

What makes for a “successful” author – and what should I do online?

Being a children's author, I want to do what I can to help promote my books and get my name out there. I know all too well that the children's market is absolutely inundated with fantastic authors, illustrators and fabulous books. It is an exceptionally difficult genre to get into and competition is huge. So … Continue reading What makes for a “successful” author – and what should I do online?

Book news

Hello website visitors and blog readers! It's been a while, but I'm back online and I have some very exciting news to share... My third book has just been sent off to print! Yep, third. That must make me an almost-proper author now, right? I'll be posting updates about my new book over the next … Continue reading Book news