Lights, Camera, Reading!

Super exciting news!

This week I made a rare departure from my house to the incredible Stirling Castle to film an exclusive storytelling as part of Historic Environment Scotland and Stirling Castle’s forthcoming online event!

On the 9th of April, here in the UK, it is National Unicorn Day – a celebration of all things magical and mystical and a chance for us to tell the world about our glorious Scottish national animal, the unicorn!

Stirling Castle and Historic Environment Scotland are hosting a whole day of livestream events for children and families on their Facebook and Youtube channels and I am BEYOND excited to be taking part.

It’s the first time I’ve ever been filmed and I haven’t seen any of the footage, so finger’s crossed it plays well and brings a smile to viewers’ faces across Scotland and beyond!

I hope you can tune in to the event on Friday, 9th April – if you’re in a different time zone or can’t watch it live, the videos will be available on Historic Environment Scotland’s YouTube channel after the event.

Information about the online event is on the web here: Virtual Unicorn Day | Historic Environment Scotland | History

And the event is on Facebook here: Virtual Unicorn Day | Facebook


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