Writer’s Blo(g)ck

Goodness, it’s been a age since I’ve written a blog post on here! I’d love to say that that’s because I’ve been beavering away on a new book – and I have – but alas, life-work-health-exercise-house-move-dog-walking-full-time-job-family have also gotten in the way of fully dedicating my time to this!

I’ve also just recently discovered that a very well-know and very talented author is about to release young fiction novel for the same age group as I am writing all about a scrappy little protagonist with the SAME NAME as mine!

The cosmic law of coincidence, perhaps the sign of a good stroke of imagination, I guess a bit of bad luck on my part… but it’s back to the drawing board for me on the name of my central character. Several chapters in it’s thrown me a bit, as in my mind I had very much decided that was what he was called.

I wonder if this has happened to any other blog reading writers out there – I’m sure it must? Did anyone else have a book about a non-wizarding young boy named Harry Potter for instance?!

Answers on the back of a postcard please. Or in the comments, if that’s your style.


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