Could Ruan join the Royals?

The lovely Rowena alerted me to this article on –

Prince Charles Will Battle Squirrels Using Contraceptives and a Lot of Nutella

Probably the best picture of  Prince Charles and a cuddly squirrel in existence

Now, according to what HRH Prince Charles has told The Telegraph, I think Ruan might be right up his street. The article says: “Prince Charles is a big fan of the red squirrel and has even proposed that the animal be recognised as the official mascot of the UK.” Seconded.

It continues: “He even aspires to have one as a companion at his retreat in Scotland. ‘I put nuts in the lobby and leave the door open and the red squirrels come into the house,’ he told The Telegraph. ‘Very often you get four or five running around inside the house, chasing each other to get at the nuts. My great ambition is to have one in the house, I hate to tell you. Sitting on the breakfast table and on my shoulder!'”

So it seems to me that Ruan’s next adventures could well be in one of the royal retreats in Scotland, since he’s such an inquisitive little chap that the prospect of some free nuts and a right good nosey around a big house would be far too tempting to pass up!

Perhaps I should send the good people at Clarence House a copy of Ruan for their perusal. I’m sure Prince Charles would enjoy reading about a little red squirrel on his travels around Scotland…!


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