It’s a school night for Ruan

Today I received this lovely message from Primary 3/2 at Bellsquarry Primary School –

Dear Rachel, 

We’ve just had some amazing news that you’re coming to visit our class tomorrow! Our teacher has been keeping the date a secret, but now we know and we’re really, really excited about meeting you and hearing the story of Ruan the Little Red Squirrel. We’ve seen your book sitting on the big desk for 2 weeks now and we kept wondering what it was. Our teacher said it was a special story that she’s been saving for a special visitor to share with us! Then we’re going to use your story to help us learn more about Scotland’s animals and landscapes to prepare for our Scottish assembly. See you tomorrow! Love from P3/2

Well, Primary 3/2, I can report that Ruan is safely tucked up inside his picnic basket getting a good night’s sleep before he comes to visit you tomorrow. I am very much looking forward to meeting you all tomorrow and sharing the story of Ruan’s Scottish adventures with you.


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