The Kilted Coo - coming soon

A Poem…

Blogging friends, if I could have a moment or two…
I have some exciting news for you –

The Kilted Coo - coming soon

The Kilted Coo – coming soon

I’m thrilled to announce that book number two
Is on the way about a coo called Drew.

Most of the details are still under wraps
But for now I’ll give you some of the facts:
Illustrated by Rowena, published by Forth,
I hope it’ll be a hit here, up North.
In case you haven’t worked it out by now
It’s a rhyming story about a highland cow,

Set on a farm on the West Highland Way –
The cow has a kilt… and that’s all I’ll say!
So please feel free to like and share
(To spread the news everywhere)

And look out for ‘The Kitled Coo’
In a bookshop soon somewhere near you!


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