Spring has sprung!

What at difference a bit of sunshine makes!

Living in Scotland, sunshine is of course always welcome. Today is the first day this year that the weather has felt positively sunny, the day positively spring like and the air positively fresh and charged with good vibes!

I’ve had a relatively productive morning today as well, which I don’t think is coincidental. Also, Pup and I have enjoyed a cup of tea in the garden, in sight of our first blooming daffodil. By the looks of things, today is the best weather day of the week, but the forecast is still for double digit temperatures – yes, that’s more than ten degrees people – until the weekend, so it’s definitely a week to get out and do a bit outdoors.

This post has nothing whatsoever to do with writing or books, other than as part of my productive morning I’ve revamped the photographs on the site to include all three of my stories.

I just thought I’d share my bright day.


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