The Kilted Coo

Drew the Kilted Coo Tries Kilted Yoga

The biggest news in Scottish books this week is the release of everyone’s favourite yogi Finlay Wilson’s Kilted Yoga which was published on Thursday. I’m a big fan of Finlay on Instagram (and his dog!) and so in tribute to a fellow Scot’s new book, here’s a little parody poem about when my Kilted Coo tried out some Kilted Moo-ves…

Drew saw a piece today on the Scottish news,
About Finlay Wilson, the yogi from MooTube,
He’d written an exciting new ‘Kilted Yoga’ book,
And as the ‘Kilted Coo’, Drew thought he’d better take a look.

At first Drew wasn’t sure quite what to try.
He didn’t know if yoga was really for the Highland bovine,
But he decided to start this ‘yoga laid bare’,
Hoping not to flash his coo underwear.

The first position he tried was called ‘the cat’,
Which looked as though it would do great things for his back,
But Drew quickly found he couldn’t bend that way,
When he wound up face-down in a pile of hay…

If I can’t do the cat, thought Drew, I’ll try ‘the dog’,
And after that he tried out another one called ‘the half frog’,
And he started to feel a lot more relaxed,
As he mastered the ‘baddhakanasana’ on his back.

Next up, Drew tried the ‘half dead bug’.
He began by lying on Farmer Martin’s front room rug,
But he was so chilled out after all of Finlay’s moves,
That he couldn’t resist having a little snooze…

If Drew had read the rest of Finlay’s advice,
He would have found a lot more yoga poses to try,
But curled up on the rug there was only one move he could do –
And that was the downward facin’ coo!

It’s a poem Finlay Wilson will almost certainly never see, but it’s a bit of fun for me anyway.

Happy Friday folks!


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