Baby Ruan's signed book

A very special Ruan

This might look like an ordinary copy of Ruan the Little Red Squirrel, but it is in fact a very special copy. It was sent to me by a lovely Mum who had a wonderful story to tell and she has happily let me share it with you.

A very special Ruan

A very special Ruan…

Mum sent me a message a week ago to say that she had just found my Facebook page – she had bought a copy of Ruan the Little Red Squirrel from Glamis Castle when visiting with her partner and son because the cover instantly caught their eye.

Very soon after, they found out that they were expecting a new baby and they decided to call him Ruan. As it turns out, Mum must have bought one of the very first copies of Ruan because it had only just arrived in the gift shop at Glamis.

“It must have been fate!” Mum told me.

Baby Ruan arrived soon after and he has a squirrel themed nursery at home. My Ruan is one of the boys’ favourite stories and I have a lovely picture of Dad reading it to them both.

Baby Ruan's signed book

Baby Ruan’s signed book

I’m delighted to have been able to sign baby Ruan’s very own copy and I’m sure this is a story that Mum and Dad will tell him when he is older.

It’s an incredible thing to know that in part because of my wee book, there is a new real life Ruan in the world. I’m sure he’ll be as inquisitive and cheeky as his squirrel counterpart when he’s grown up.

Thank you to Mum and Dad for sharing with me – I wish you and your boys all the best and I hope you continue to enjoy reading my stories. There is a special copy of The Kilted Coo on the way to you all with a personal message from me.


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