The Kilted Coo

The Kilted Coo is oot the noo

Its been publication week this week, and what a start Drew and I got off to. Thanks to a well received (for me at least) Facebook competition my post reach far exceed anything I’ve ever had before – at last look my page had reached more than nine thousand people in the last week.

For a little author like me, that sure is a lot.

The Kilted Coo was officially published on Monday 7th August. Copies have gone out to a variety of retailers and tourist attractions across Scotland this week so hopefully you will find them on a shelf somewhere near you very soon. There are also copies on the way to the big white tents of the Edinburgh International Book Festival – one of my most favourite places. 

You can also buy copies online – here are a couple of links for where you can order…

Scottish Bookstore

Amazon UK

If you do happen to read a copy of my wee book, I’d love it if you could review it. I’m a firm believer in reading recommendations – in fact I like nothing more than starting a new book because someone I know has enjoyed it and thinks I will too. So please, if you can, let me know what you think about The Kilted Coo.

In more coo news, I’m doing an little book signing in my hometown tomorrow at Scotland’s best independent bookshop (officially, they have recently been crowned!) Far From the Madding Crowd. In it’s previous guise, this bookshop was where my sister and I were taken as children to buy story books (which used to be in a room at the back) so it is my absolute pleasure to go along and hopefully meet some new readers.

Perhaps see some of you there, 


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