Farmer's Wife

The Kilted Coo – Artwork Preview

Rowena has shared some of her wonderful artwork from The Kilted Coo so here’s a preview of how the book will look!

Artwork from The Kilted Coo

This cheeky coo is after something to chew…

Farmer Martin

Farmer Martin’s not too happy with Drew and he isn’t sure quite what to do…

Farmer's Wife

The farmer’s wife started to stitch and sew to make the biggest kilt she’d ever known

You can view it on Rowena’s website here. Please let me know what you think with this handy little poll…

The Kilted Coo 
will be published by Forth Books on 7th of August. It’s now available to pre-order from Amazon here, or if you are a bookseller available to the trade from Lomond Books here.


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