The Kilted Coo

Book Number Two – The Kilted Coo

A few weeks ago I posted about my forthcoming new children’s book, The Kilted Coo, and I am now thrilled to say that the the story and illustrations have been finalised and the button has been pushed on printing!

The Kilted Coo will be published on the 7th of August… *moohoo*

It is by the dream team that is me and Rowena Aitken, just like Ruan the Little Red Squirrel.

The Kilted Coo

Drew, the Kilted Coo, in all his splendour

Here is Rowena’s fabulous cover for the book – she has really captured Drew’s cheeky spirit in all of her illustrations and I could not be more pleased with how the whole book has come together. I’ve had a wonderful few weeks and months going back and forth with Rowena and my publisher, working through a myriad of creative ideas from all sides. I really do think the book is absolutely the best it could be. (But I would say that, wouldn’t I…!)

So what is The Kilted Coo all about? Here’s the blurb from the back which begins with the opening lines of the story –

This is Drew. He’s a great big coo.
All he does each day is moo and chew.
It might seem funny to me and you,
But moo and chew is what coos do.

Farmer Martin’s not too happy with Drew and he isn’t sure quite what to do.
Visitors to his farm are not amused that their hats and scarves are being chewed.

He and his wife must find a way to stop Drew chomping away each day,
So read along to find out just how a kilt ends up on a Highland cow!

And here’s the official booksellers’ description –

A fun-filled and engaging story about a mischievous Highland cow with an appetite for chewing things he shouldn’t! With bright illustrations and easy to read text, this is a farm-yard tale with a tartan twist that is sure to be a hit with younger children.

Ideally suited to read aloud, Rachel’s rhymes will make story time a laugh-out-loud delight, while Rowena’s quirky farmyard brings a Scottish farm full of lots of cheeky animals to life.

Key age range 3-6 years.

As ever, tremendous thanks are owed to my publisher Forth for taking on my wee story and for allowing me to have such involvement in how the finished article looks; and thanks and credit to Rowena for doing such a marvellous job on the illustrations (along with my apologies for making you paint so, so, so much tartan!).

I’ll keep you updated on where you can pre-order very soon, because I’m sure you all will want to…!

That’s all for now, from one very excited author,


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