Squirrels and seabirds

Ruan’s first storytelling

The lovely Linlithgow Primary School P1A children have been reading Ruan the Little Red Squirrel as one of their first stories in Primary 1.

They did some absolutely amazing artwork as well, starting out with their tents in the forest park, and then making all of the places the campers take Ruan in the story – and all of his new animal friends!

Wall frieze made by P1A at Linlithgow Primary

Wall frieze made by P1A at Linlithgow Primary

This brilliant frieze on the classroom wall tells the whole story from hand-print trees in the forest, full of Ruan’s squirrel buddies, to the rocky cliffs on the east cost and their resident puffins, Brodie the Beltie on the farm, Sam the Seal on the beach surrounded by sandcastles and snappy crabs, Oliver the Otter on the river bank and Henry the Mountain Hare up in the hills.

Squirrels and seabirds

Squirrels and seabirds

Snappy crabs and sandcastles

Snappy crabs and sandcastles

P1A’s teacher Miss Baff tells me that these super-talented children will be writing their own book on their hometown next term, and I can’t wait to see more about it!

All the photos on this post are from Linlithgow Primary’s twitter feed (@LinlithgowP) – thank you so much for sharing and I hope you all enjoyed Ruan’s adventures.


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