Reading List

So, we’re still in lockdown in Scotland and my bookshelves are calling me – though I’ve not made the time to read I thought I might.

I have *so* many books to tempt me, and not many excuses not to be reading them in this designated time to be at home.

Working from home, though (in my job aside from writing), is proving to be a bit of a peculiar challenge. Not the work itself, but the working; I don’t have a job that involves phone calls, Zoom video conferences, Team chats – in fact I go days without speaking to anyone at all in a work context. Because of a high rate of furlough in the publishing and bookselling industry, incoming emails have dwindled to a handful a day, from a previous handful a half-hour. And as for office colleagues, the dog goes from library-quiet to riotous barking at the neighbour’s riotous barking dog in a snap.

Anyway, like I say I have been pondering the shelves – dotted about the house as they are – and rediscovered this extensive list of books that I have been surreptitiously collecting. No doubt an eclectic bunch of books, this is what I have on my radar to work through (in no particular order):

  • Whistle in the Dark, Emma Healey – currently reading
  • The Music Shop, Rachel Joyce – also currently reading
  • All These Beautiful Strangers, Elizabeth Klehfoth – also currently reading (I’m one of ‘those’ multi-readers)
  • Hollow Kingdom, Kira Jane Buxton – exceptionally excited about reading this
  • Nightingale Point, Luan Goldie
  • Hame, Annalena McAffee
  • The Funny Thing About Norman Foreman, Julietta Henderson
  • A Song for Issy Bradley, Carys Bray
  • But n Ben A-Go-Go, Matthew Fitt
  • Mix Tape, Jane Sanderson
  • Tiger Skin Rug, Joan Haig
  • Vinegar Girl, Anne Tyler
  • Dear Amy, Helen Callaghan
  • His Bloody Project (yes, I haven’t read it), Graeme Macrae Burnet
  • The Girl in the Window, Rowan Coleman
  • The Mermaid and Mrs Hancock, Imogen Hermes Gowar
  • Big Sky, Kate Atkinson
  • Zoo Time, Howard Jacobson
  • They Both Die at the End, Adam Silvera
  • I Am Sovereign, Nicola Barker

I guess I’d better get my skates on if I’m to get anywhere through this list before it’s time to go back to work… another May motto will be to make more time to read, not least to broaden the ever-closer horizon and pass the time, but to reignite my enjoyment for it.

Do share if you’ve read any of these and would recommend, and indeed what your lockdown reads of choice are.

Take care all,


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